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Purchasing Power and Experience

Our purchasing power and experience is unexcelled. AFP's buying group has well over 160 years of combined experience. This power and experience is known throughout the U.S. as well as the rest of the produce world. AFP Fruit and Produce leaves no stone unturned to find the freshest, finest quality available at the best prices of any company in the nation. We take great pride in the partnerships we have formed to become a leader in the produce industry. This accomplishment is not easy. The procurement group works day and night, 365 days a year, searching for the quality you have come to expect at the fairest prices in the nation. Our procurement pledge to our valued customers/partners is quality, quality, quality at more than competitive pricing. AFP buys direct from the grower/packers, not second hand products. We do not use brokers but use our own procurement office to keep pricing at its lowest level possible. Others have buying companies and growers which only lead to higher costs which add to pricing. AFP have made sure that we are self sufficient to keep you, our partners, the most competitive and successful in your markets.

Unexcelled experience and buying power to assure your success as our valued customer. Your profit and success first and AFP second.
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