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Food Safety and Traceability, Our Priority

American Fruit and Produce is a leader in the produce industry and takes food safety very seriously. We make sure that our suppliers share the same food safety philosophy. AFP customers have not only grown to trust us to provide the freshest quality Man can grow but also know us for distributing the freshest produce grown. We buy from farmers, packers, and manufacturers that adhere to the strictest food safety standards. AFP approved produce supplies have met very specific food safety guidelines for quality assurance and safety. The growers, farmers, and packers are audited for physical, chemical, and microbiological attributes of their farming, packing, and manufacturing facilities. These suppliers must meet sanitation and operating procedures standards, must have good manufacturing and agricultural practices, and have food security programs. AFP does everything possible to make sure our suppliers follow stringent produce inspections. Our growers and suppliers must have field inspection specialists who inspect our products. Our supplier's products must meet our specifications requirements for quality, weight count, temperature, and rotation. We are dedicated to cleanliness and food safety. We have a written HACCP program and follow this program as well as food safety and home land security standards.



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