Order Guide

Complete and Comprehensive Programs

American Fruit and Produce offers the most complete and comprehensive program tailored exclusively to your needs. The following is just some of the things we offer to keep our customers profitable and the leader in their market.

  1. Weekly specials that are unbeatable in any market. These specials are true specials that no one can beat based on quality. These are weekly specials so our customers can show their clients that they care and have unsurpassed value to them.
  2. Weekly market reports.
  3. We make frequent visits to our customers, no matter where they are located to make sure we know your market. AFP has adopted the philosophy that our customers are our partners and our family. Our frequent visits are to learn how we can continually grow together as partners and family. We listen to your needs and make sure to fulfill those needs day by day, week by week. Look forward to visiting you in the very near future.
  4. Merchandizing program/ Produce handling program
    AFP can help merchandize your stores and train your produce people to merchandize, handle, rotate and temperature control (the cold chain) in order to maximize profitability. This is a hands on program where we work along side your people to make sure they understand how, where and why produce merchandizing and handling are so important. Your success is our success, this is another way to show our customers that we truly appreciate their business.
  5. Each and every customer is assigned an administrative representative to take care of their administrative needs. These representatives are well trained and knowledgeable in customer service and any task needed to service our valued customers. They learn your needs from A to Z and will exceed your expectations each and every day and week. The customer representatives have been with us from five to fifteen years and are the best in the produce business. AFP Fruit and Produce is proud of each and every one of our representatives and our customers compliment the ability and knowledge of each representative.
  6. The owners and executive staff are always available to take care of your needs. Our Customer Account Administration will respond to you within minutes to handle any situation that may arise. Our office and cell telephone numbers are listed on the web. Please do not hesitate to call 24 hrs. 7 days a week. We will respond immediately.
  7. Service, service, service
    Air service daily at no extra charge, delivery to the airlines. If you, our valued customers, need air service we gladly take care of this for you at no charge. We will take care of the necessary paper work and deliver on a timely basis to take care of your air service. We deliver to the airlines at no charge to you.
  8. From time to time our customers ask us to pick up emergency items around town. This is another service we provide. We are glad to help our loyal customers with emergency needs. Please contact your administrative representative if this need arrives and we will be more than happy to service your needs.
  9. Customized computer programs
    AFP and Produce can create customized computer programs to fit your individual needs. We will, if necessary, create a program that fits your specialized need. AFP has an on-line ordering program. Please review them. We are sure you will be very happy with the user friendly program we have created. If you find you have special needs please call us and we will make it happen for you.
  10. Weekly market report. We provide a weekly market report to keep our customers informed of market changes and conditions.
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