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Welcome to the American Fruit and Produce Family. AFP in 28 short years has become one of the most respected produce companies in the SE United States. Thanks to the owner's leadership and our dynamic produce experts and team, AFP has become a leader in the produce industry. We're passionate about our people and their dedication to excellence and service. Our family and team are recognized for integrity and knowledge. We are proud about the way we do business with our suppliers and truckers. We are proud of our produce quality and service and exceptional pricing.

We are proud of the loyalty we have earned from our customers. AFP owners and team have served the local markets and export for over 100 years combined. Our company is family owned and operated, hands on every hour of operation everyday of the week. This hand on pride can cannot be duplicated by any company in the SE U.S. We provide extensive knowledge and experience that our customers have come to appreciate. AFP has taken the words: pride, dedication, service and fair pricing combined with integrity to our loyal customers and markets to make AFP the leader in our industry. If you are not one of our AFP family, give us the opportunity to make you another one of our most successful partners.

99% Customer Retention and Loyalty

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