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Knowledge is Power -Knowledge is Success

American Fruit and Produce continues to empower our customers with produce knowledge and our customers continue to be the leaders in the market. AFP provides our customers with weather, growing and changing market conditions in our weekly market reports. These reports highlight the major produce items and include weather and growing conditions, trading conditions, the status of the market, the values that are up and what to expect in the coming weeks. We issue emergency alerts whenever deemed necessary so our valued customers are aware of market conditions as they change. AFP will always stay on top of the markets, day to day to make sure we are ahead of market changes so our customers are leading in quality and pricing in their market. AFP is about understanding the supply chain and making sure the quality and pricing continue to make our partners the leaders in their markets. Our marketing reports bring a weekly wealth of knowledge as to market conditions, what to expect in the near future, new ideas and new produce trends. We empower you, our customer, with unparalleled information to keep you profitable and extremely competitive. Knowledge is power and knowledge is profitability. Our partners' profitability comes before our own and we do everything in our power to ensure that. Please take the time to read our weekly news letter. This time will be invaluable to your business by taking a few minutes to read our news letter.
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