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American Fruit and Produce has become the largest exporter of fruit and vegetables to the Caribbean basin in the U.S.. We specialize in the quality and services necessary to see that our customers receive the finest quality possible based on growing conditions. AFP works with the finest growers in the world specializing in special export quality fruit and vegetables. Our growers/partners are kept aware of our specialized needs and make sure AFP receives same morning harvest and ship even under the critical growing condition. Field inspections, special pre-cooling and packing the freshest export quality is what we demand and expect. Our expertise in export has made AFP the leader in the industry. Weather conditions have changed more in the last few years then in the past 108 years. These changes have created challenges rarely experienced in the produce industry. AFP has met these challenges from every aspect of the produce business. Mother Nature does not always provide the quality we demand and meet the standards we want, but we can assure our customers that we source the very best that Man grows.

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3. Fleet of Truck Delivery, daily to local grocery stores and chains

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8. Produce Department Design and Merchandising

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